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Executive and Management Coaching

for professional and personal development

Valerie Fawcett, Principal Consultant

One-to-one coaching has justifiably become a widely-used intervention for improving performance.

What's special about the coaching I offer?

  • a level of confidentiality different from that provided by internal coaches
  • a focus which is not bounded by the organisational culture.
  • skill in facilitating individuals to work on three main areas of experience which provide gateways to change:
    • behaviour (and skills)
    • thoughts and attitudes
    • feelings 
  • experience and training in using psychological models including cognitive behavioural techniques, TIFF Behavioural Profiling, Myers Briggs Personality Profiling, NLP and Transactional Analysis 
  • specialist interests in interpersonal skills, personal development, emotionally intelligent management, working under pressure/managing stress and women's development. 

Development Coaching

The starting point for development coaching may be an individual with potential needing to gain the confidence to fulfil that potential, or a manager moving into a new role, starting a new project, or facing a new challenge.

I provide individual coaching to help managers address their development needs in the most effective way so that they can reach peak effectiveness in their roles.  Coaching can stand alone or be a useful follow-up to training to increase individual ability to put learning into practice.  

Skills-based Coaching

Sometimes an organisation or individual has a need for progress to be made in a particular skills.  Examples of skills-based issues I have addressed with people are: the need for a junior manager to be more assertive in dealing with colleagues and take managerial responsibility; more effective communicating behaviour in a project management role; developing more assured and confident presentation skills when representing the organisation to government officials.  Although these may start as skills-based or confidence issues and often include some skills teaching, they usually involve some development coaching as well.

Working with objectives agreed by the organisation and the individual manager, learning can take place over a few weeks or months using managers’ everyday work experiences as a focus.   This is an opportunity to reflect on both the bigger picture issues such as management style, personal development,department and team objectives, and the details of performance management, project management and relationships with staff.  

Women's Development

I have many years experience in women's development and have a special interest in helping women to progress.  Although the needs of men and women are the same in many ways, women often have a different context in which they are working and living which influences their ability to progress.  I have many years' experience of working with women and understanding the needs they have in their work life and the difficulties they can experience.

I have Diplomas in Coaching and Mentoring at level 5 (management) and level 7 (executive) from the Institute of Leadership and Management and over 250 hours' experience of coaching at all levels.

For real learning to take place, people need to experience difference.  The difference may be in their thinking, feeling or behaviour, and is likely to involve an insight which leads to change.  Kolb’s learning cycle shows that when we reflect on experiences and draw conclusions about them we can make changes.

However, if the reflections we make are hijacked by old assumptions, unhelpful thoughts and feelings ( I'm not good enough to succeed in this; I don't fit in here) we may not make decisions about the experiences which will lead to change which represents the desired progress.

For an information sheet which provides full details of my approach to coaching including the process, practicalities and costs, please contact me.

I offer a half-hour free consultation to help potential coachees decide whether they would like me to work with them in a coaching relationship.

Valerie Fawcett, Assoc. CIPD

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