Locations Outside the EU

It is impractical for us to supply bar code scanners and card outside of the EU. Here is the information you need to make purchases locally.

bar code Scanner

The bar code scanner we recommed is the CipherData 1000 USB UID.

This is widely available. The following links may help you to locate a supplier near you:

Perforated Card

This is al little more difficult to find. In the US, several companies offer perforated card via the web. We cannot make any recommendations, but a Google search on "perforated card stock" in your location may be useful. The primary issue is that the card should be compatible with the printer you plan to use. In particular, check that the weight or thickness of the card will not be an issue. Note that while it is possible to use inkjet printers, print quality can be an issue. Increase the size of the bar code fonts in the templates if this is a problem.

The standard templates we provide assume A4 or US Letter divided into 4 equal parts. However, the templates can be edited (if you are an experienced Word user) or you could contact us for variations.


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